Word of the week “Lebensmüde”

We all have days where we feel tired and worn out. But if you feel like this every day, you may be lebensmüde.

The term lebensmüde is an adjective that means “weary of life” or “tired of life.” It is often used to describe people who are depressed, fed up, unmotivated or frustrated. It comes from the words Leben (“life”) and müde (“tired”).

The word can sometimes be used to describe people who are feeling suicidal. But in other cases, it can be used to describe people who take steps to drastically change or spice up their lives. These people changed their lives for the better because they were tired of feeling lebensmüde.

There is not much history behind this word; it is almost self-explanatory. But it is one of those famous German words that has no English translation. Lebensmüdigkeit(“life tiredness”) describe an unpleasant state of existence. If you are feeling lebensmüde, try picking up some new hobbies so you can find yourself some Lebensfreude (“enjoyment of life”).

For more information, please visit: http://www.germany.info


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