About Me


Hi, my name is Evelin and I am from Dresden, Germany. I am a German, English and Philosophy teacher with a university degree and more than 10 years of teaching experience in online teaching, tutoring and classroom teaching.

In 2015, I relocated to the USA and started offering individualized German and English language lessons for all age groups, proficiency levels and focus points (e.g. business German, holiday German, conversational German, …).

I pick learning material appropriately to your learning style and interests, and provide several first-hand insights to German culture, food and people.

Together, we will look at grammar, read authentic texts, discuss stereotypes, learn idioms and listen to authentic German audios.

Due to my German origin, I will teach you authentic German (how Germans REALLY speak it) and include lots of cultural knowledge about the German culture, food, stereotypes, … as well.

I use a large variety of resources as my teaching material and offer a blend of activities per lesson. The material always comes included and I will provide you with all the material and links you need.

We can arrange lessons short- or long-term due to your individual needs, without a hassle or too much bureaucracy.

YOU know best, what is good for you and I will listen to your needs.